The Galtee Mountains

A beautiful mountain range of several peaks, valleys and lakes running 25km in an East - West line in North Munster. Claiming the highest inland mountain seat in Ireland as most of them lay in county Tipperary. At approx 250million years old they are a fine example of fold mountains from the Armorican glaciation period. Outstanding features such as the Galtee wall running across the top of the range, deep corrie lakes, wide awesome valleys and views far into the surrounding golden vale make this hiking area a joy every time. There are a variety of at least 10 fine hikes to choose from in this range. A lot of the time Galtee Mor peak is  included in the selected route as it is the highest point in the range at 919m, but any hike can be selected for you with your desired length and duration.

Terrain can be anything from easy flat walking paved trails to steep rocky slopes.

Duration can be 1hr - 6hrs.




Known as 'The Jewel of the Burren' this hike offers fine examples of the unique hills of the burren and their fascinating shape. Beginning along the shores of a typical Burren lake, Lough Gealain, it then follows a well used trail up to the summit of Mullaghmore. There are great views of Clare and Galway, two prehistoric cairns on the summit and plenty uncommon flora including a variety of orchid species. Duration is approx 3hrs.



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