Atlantic Trails guiding service was set up in Spring 2016 by Paddy Dolan and Patrick Sheehy, who both moved to Liscannor, Co. Clare at the same time after years of living in different parts of the world. As soon as they met in Liscannor they had much excitement to share about the wonderful new community and landscape they had moved to. So much that it called for more than just excitement and chat. In order to make a living from their new local environment they decided to combine it with their personal skills and set up this walking and guiding service.

Paddy Dolan is a man with a true passion for nature and being outdoors. He believes that nature can directly make us feel good and that spending time in the outdoors is essential for healthy physical & mental growth.  His introduction to the outdoors began at an early age of 6 years when he joined the Beaver Scouts in Cork. From there he progressed through all ranks of Scouts and participated in many great adventures - frequently in the mountainous areas of Ireland, Scotland and Wales but most notably Mount Kilimanjaro in 2005, The Swiss Alps in 2010, Mount Whitney & The Rocky Mountains of Colorado 2011 & 2012. While also having a keen interest in running he completed the New York City Marathon in 2005 & 2009 and continues to run frequently. Paddy also loves to surf and this is what brought him to the west coast of Clare. After 10+ years of working as a mechanical engineer in America and Ireland he has now decided to add on his true passion and also earn a living from the outdoors and guiding people around it. He has been leading groups of people up the mountains for years and so this brings confidence in his new work. He loves a good day out on the hills with a new group, making new friends in his favorite environment.



Patrick Sheehy is a well-travelled and sociable lover of life with a degree in Psychology. He has explored 20 countries and lived in southern Mexico for 7 years. While in Mexico he brought tourists on surf expeditions along the Pacific coastline, and inland to visit ancient Aztec and Mayan temples and ruins. Patrick is also an experienced Airbnb host near the Cliffs of Moher and it was through this work that he started taking his guests on tours of County Clare and the Burren. He has studied what people enjoy the most on tours and has applied that knowledge to creating the best possible experience for you - a blend of craic (fun), historical and mythological storytelling, exploring incredible landscapes, meeting locals and finding the best traditional Irish music sessions in the best Irish pubs.